MySpace Undergoes Dramatic Revamp


Could a revamp give MySpace the competitive edge needed to survive the fierce digital market of today?

The new MySpace design which was launched by their new owners Joseph Mark (backed by Justin Timberlake) gives Myspace users a unique opportunity to enter a social network that caters to a specific niche demographic of musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and their fans. Bloomberg Businessweek tech columnist, Ben Kunz, has tweeted that the new Myspace design makes Facebook look like MS-DOS.

Similar to no other social platform the new Myspace provides the user an experience that not only documents your day-to-day activities with now standard photo albums, descriptions, friend tagging and statuses, but more importantly, it allows the user to attach a personal playlist to each activity; effectively adding a soundtrack to each aspect of your virtual life.

The Beginning…

MySpace started in 2003 where at one point it had more viewers than Google. It was popular due to its simple interface, never before seen interaction with artist’s and the ability to customise your own profile. The site gave its users everything from their own photo albums to blogs. Artists were heavy on MySpace as it gave them a place to both host songs and keep fans informed of tour dates and news.

MySpace started to plummet in 2008 shortly after Facebook launched. In a desperate struggle to keep up with its number one competitor, the site changed its format to several times failing to keep up with Facebook.

Will the latest changes breathe life into the ailing social network? Only time will tell…


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