New functionality for Google Plus Business boosts engagement and customer service

Accumulating connections on Google+ isn’t a problem for some brands – take Cadbury UK with nearly 3 million! But for others, growing the size of the community remains a big challenge when using Google+ Business.

The art (and little bit of science) of growing the follower and fan-base for business profiles on Twitter and Facebook is well understood.  Less so for Google+ Business.

Even for individual users of Google Plus there are many ways to engage and connect. None of these can be replicated with Google Plus Business unless the user is in the circles of the page (i.e they have chosen to connect to the page).

Until now. New changes give community managers of Google Plus Business more ways to engage even if users are not in their existing circles. They can now:

  • ‘Plus One’ post by individual users
  • Comment on post by individual users
  • Share posts written by individual users

This will boost engagement with users, and in doing so will increase the likelihood of individual users adding them to their circles. This will increase the reach.

Google official statement on the subject to the Next Web also sign-posts the customer service opportunity:

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to make the social experience more organic. As such, Pages are now able to comment freely on posts of interest to them. We think this provides a better sharing experience for pages and profiles alike. For example, if someone praises their favourite bakery on Google+, that baker could now say thank you to that customer, right in the stream. Or if someone posts about a customer service issue, that business could reply directly, providing a better user experience.”

There is a lot going on with Google Plus. We intend to provide more analysis on the possibilities over the coming weeks.

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