New season, new features

New season, new features


In anticipation for the holiday season, Facebook has launched two new features to help marketers with their holiday push.


Feature One: Customisable Story Templates 

Facebook has finally taken a page out of Canva’s book, with the introduction of customisable templates to boost holiday creatives. Businesses can now create vertical, full-screen assets using pre-designed templates for quick uploads available across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

This feature is being introduced gradually and will be available for brand awareness, reach, traffic (website), app installs, lead generation and conversions (website) objectives.

Get the step-by-step guide to Story Templates here.


Feature Two: Private Messaging Options for Instagram Direct

Not only can businesses manage their direct Instagram and Messenger messages from their Facebook page, but they can now do more with Instagram Direct.

You can now add labels to contacts such as ‘VIP’ and ‘new customer’, search through contacts, use saved replies and set up away messages.

These small yet essential changes will allow brands to reach relevant audiences, faster.

If you need help making your holiday marketing stand out, drop us a line.

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