New Snapchat updates – The full picture

The race to first place between Snapchat and Instagram is fiercer than ever as Instagram has just launched another Snap-inspired update that let users reply to a Story with a photo or a video.

But, our favourite ghost hasn’t surrendered just yet and has launched some new features of its own including Voice Filters.

Make a short video on Snapchat, click on the little speaker icon at the bottom left corner and choose the sound effect you prefer thanks to Voice Filters. Right now, you can pick between alien, robot, bear or squirrel voices.

You can also now edit the background of your Snaps to make them funkier. The new Backdrop feature can be accessed by clicking on the little scissors icon. Pick your favourite out of those available and then contour the objects you want to bring back to the front with your finger on the touch screen and see the magic happen!

Finally, the update that will have marketers singing hallelujah is the end of the long-standing no-link rule with the Paperclip function! (We know, it was not a complete ban as you could use them in the Discover section or on Snap ads but still, it’s a major change!)

You can now add a link to your snaps. Just click on the little paperclip icon on the right and enter your link there. On the viewer side, they will be able to swipe your Snap and see the link without leaving the app!

I have played around with the new features, but am too scared of my colleagues’ retaliations to share them here. However, TechCrunch uploaded a very nice video with all the details of how to find the features and use them.

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