New York Knicks launch Instagram microsite


Instagram has become increasingly popular over the last year, with many sports teams such as the New York Rangers really using the social photo sharing network to promote and connect with fans during the NHL playoffs. It’s now the New York Knicks’ turn to impress, as they recently launched, an Instagram specific microsite in order to gather a ton of cool pics from fans across the world during the team’s 2013 NBA playoffs.

The site will collect and post all Instagram photos that include the popular #Knicks and #KnicksTape hashtags and display them on a digital map allowing loyal fans to see where others are posting from around the world. And if that isn’t enough to engage and interest fans, Madison Square Garden’s in-house videoboards will display the #KnicksTape tagged photos in between the long and boring breaks, keeping everyone’s spirits high and their eyes glued to the screen while they await the team’s return!

Knickstagram is a really cool, innovative and fun way of creating interest in the sport, whilst also engaging with loyal fans around the world. It adds a whole new element to the experience of watching a game which is engaging and socially interactive, getting everyone involved! It also goes to show just how well Instagram is doing, creatively being used by a variety of organisations to entertain and attract interest. Its rising popularity among brands, fans and sports teams can only mean one thing – Instagram’s popularity and success will continue to grow.


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