Nod to Doug Kessler – Insane Honesty in Content Marketing

By if-admin | November 27, 2014

I was tracking the conversation yesterday at the Content Marketing Summit on the #content2014. With the knowledge it was my blog the next day I thought I would perhaps cover the key topics and themes from the event in this post. I took to Crimson Hexagon to help me quickly chop up the conversation and isolate the key topics so I could dig into them further. I found the following…

Topics from 2014-11-02 to 2014-11-26

Queue Doug Kessler. As I dug into the conversation at the event it was clear that the highlight of the day was his talk entitled “Insanely Honest Content Marketing”.

Insane Honesty 1


I am not going to regurgitate the content, but it is great to hear someone talk so openly about building trust, an open and honest relationship between a company and its prospects, non-prospects, stakeholders, nay-sayers and advocates.


Particularly in B2B marketing, where the focus is on creating authentic relationships and at the business end of things, generating and nurturing QUALITY leads. Why as a business would you waste your time banging your head up against a brick wall by exhausting efforts building relationships with those that would never buy from you anyway, and that aren’t a good fit for your business?


Ethics and a common understanding go a long way in a working relationship – whether that is between client and customer, client and partner or even client and competitor. Technically, as a potentially competitive agency, we should not be citing Doug and Velocity Partners you would think? The truth of the matter is, what is being said is incredibly valuable and the principals of which we at IF hugely subscribe to as a business. I strongly advise you watch the Insane Honesty in Content Marketing webinar

Insane Honest Content Marketing Webinar



Crimson Hexagon – analysis of #content2014

Twitter – Jesper Laursen – post from the CMA Summit using #content2014

BrightTalk – Insane Honesty in Content Marketing webinar by Doug Kessler


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