Not another B2B TikTok video blog…

Oh yes. The combination that has left many scratching their heads. ‘How can B2B video possibly work in a format made for consumers?’ Well, we’ve been asking ourselves the very same question – fortunately, the answer came pretty quickly. It can and it already does.

Now we know B2B for TikTok is growing in popularity – so much so, it’s coming to LinkedIn; in fact, some Beta users have been asked to test it already!

Cue the cynicism. There has been plenty around B2B video for a while on social media – but the method is increasing in popularity. It’s become a crucial part of consumption, on all platforms. Let’s get the well-known facts out the way: video is so successful on social – it gets more shares than every other format. A recent report from Google recent says 70% of B2B buyers watch video throughout their purchase journey.

In terms of the algorithm on LinkedIn, video has been performing well for a while – video views are now measured, and data shows it’s a format that does better than others. It’s the most shared type of content – 20x more in fact than standard text posts on the platform.

So the addition of TikTok style short video reels could be a game changer – another way to view videos – you’ve got to fit the format and congest all that useful info into a short and digestible clip.

OK, we know video is great blah blah blah – but how can it be done right?

You can watch 2-3 seconds of a video before you decide whether to stick around. Corporate branding sticking out everywhere, it’s a turn off – or a scroll on! Being memorable early is everything and that’s why TikTok style video content works so well. It challenges you to make an impact as early as possible – it can work on B2B as well, but it has to touch on a customer pain point or an issue that could even affect their day-to-day life.

People buy from people. If you write a post, intelligence will have an impact – but a video says 1,000 more words. People buy on trust.

But, getting people on to video is the challenge – whether it’s executives or even SMEs. We advise these 3 points:

  • Be up front about your intentions. Chat to your leaders about what they’re passionate about. What they love, not what you think they should be in to – passion comes across and is far more engaging in video.
  • Interviewing is better – you can have your interviewer off screen, and your interviewee looking at them (not at the camera – it’s weird).
  • Add a buffer – have multiple cameras running, start with a casual chat to get them relaxed. Then do the interview. Let the camera roll, then cut – it’s much easier (but don’t over-script).

Anything else?

With any video, look for a hook, not a sting. Hook your buyer, with your problem that you solve, not 10 seconds of logos fizzing around and stock footage. You must market the video too, so additional content such as audiograms and case studies can help to build up this memorable presence.

Remember, though; you don’t always need a CTA – the most effective content is short, a single takeaway is needed – don’t give people too much to do, or too much to think about. Short content is king.

But how often should I do video for social? Well, as often as you need to – don’t force it, if there’s nothing to say. But you’ll often find the more you talk to your experts, the more hidden gems there are to share.

Final thoughts

Be memorable. That’s it. LinkedIn is for professional not personal? Wrong. Professional without personality is pointless. The thing you least expect might be the main reason they remember you.

All the stats say – if you’re not doing video, then you’re not doing social right.

Learn how to make an impact, contact us today.

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