Only PI shaped people need apply

I’ve been doing a lot of recruiting over the last nine months. For those of you in the same boat, you will know it’s a time consuming and challenging task.

Finding people with deep digital experience rather than just a veneer is tough. I spend a lot of time writing and re-writing job descriptions. I often start with a somewhat unrealistic job description of a super-human marketing person who boasts a mix of creativity, strategic thinking, technical skills, content marketing experience, team management, data skills, account management…

Do they exist? Should I be looking for something else? How do we spot the next generation of digital professional? Well, this blog article by Ashley Friedlein reassured me that it’s a hunt worth pursuing.

He talks of PI (Π) shaped people. It moves away from the established idea that marketers need a broad understanding of the discipline, but also a specialism. Instead we need PI shaped people, those with a broad experience, but also the ability for left and right brain thinking.

“They are both analytical and data-driven, yet understand brands, storytelling and experiential marketing,” says Ashley

It’s really worth a read.

Thankfully Ashley’s approach chimes well with our internal training programme.  In 2013 we are investing more time and resource in training up our team, to develop their left and right brain skill-set. Our aim is to excel at high quality consultancy for our clients and help our staff fill the demand for the digital practitioners of the future.


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