Our top 15 list of best practices for Facebook

It may not be the new kid on the block, but please, no ageism here! The Facebook platform is still VERY important to the digital ecosystem, in fact, it’s top 3 according to Comscore.

So we’re here to give you the checklist of your dreams! First, a few best practices for social media in general, to avoid putting your brand at risk.

7 tips for social media best practice

  • Gather together a full list of your social profiles, all channels, with links and passwords
  • Maintain the list centrally – nail down access permissions and passwords
  • Structure your profile names consistently, it’ll help users discover you more easily cross-platform
    • Do the same for any platforms you use for scheduling or reporting!
  • Set reminders to check profiles are active and accessible by your central administrator regularly
  • Ensure passwords are complex and refresh them regularly – and at additional times if someone leaves the business
  • Put all of this into a process, set some calendar reminders and then get on with the business of being social!

Now, to Facebook itself.

8 best practice recommendations for managing Facebook

  • Get the size and resolution of your header and profile image right – even if you’re not a designer, there are web-based platforms you can use, there’s no excuse!
  • Fill out your “About” section – include all your links, company history in milestones, awards and much more
  • Ensure you choose the right Category for your business to be discoverable in searches
  • Create a customised URL for your page/s
  • Create a customised call to action button on your page/s
  • Customise your page tabs – prioritise your shop over events, or whatever is important for your business
  • Use Business Manager (Business Suite)!
    • Head to Business.Facebook.com
    • Create pages or link all your Facebook & Instagram properties
    • Add other assets such as Ad Accounts and Pixels
    • Create access permissions for your team or stakeholders on each asset
    • Manage permissions and remove people if they leave
    • Manage external partners such as agencies who run your advertising
    • Launch queries directly with the Facebook team
    • Integrate apps such as Commerce
    • Manage your billing
  • Use Creator Studio!
    • Write and schedule your posts
    • Manage your creative assets
    • Access the free sound library
    • Test organic copy or creative post variations
    • Review insights for reporting
    • Manage collaborations with influencers through Brand Collabs Manager
    • Check out Campaign Planner for large media buying and projected reach
    • Try building your targeting out with the Audiences tool

There are so many tools on Facebook, and if you need additional training, check out their Blueprint programme for everything from ads to community management.

Also, and you know this already, we can help! Get in touch to chat with one of our wonderful team.

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