Over 33 million fake accounts have been removed from TikTok

TikTok has recently published a Community Guidelines Enforcement Report that provides insights about all the videos and accounts that have been taken down for various reasons in Q2 this year.

We’ve captured a few interesting highlights from the report below:

It looks like the social platform took down over 113 million clips between April and June this year due to policy violations or other issues – that’s an 11% increase from the previous quarter. The chart follows a steadily increasing trend over time, which isn’t surprising, given the app’s continued growth. Of course, TikTok is making efforts to improve its terms to protect users from potentially harmful exposure in the app. However, it’s still difficult to avoid fraud and misinformation.

These are just a few of the reasons for video content taken down from the app – the report outlines a full overview of the most common concerns for rule violations, with safety being the top critical area.

As more people sign up, more fake profiles are getting created – the data reports for over 33 million being taken down between April and June this year – that’s a 62% jump from the previous quarter. The concerning news is that fake accounts are likely to rise given the growing demand for influencer marketing.

To fight this very issue, the app says that it’s continually evolving its systems to invest in technology-based flagging, on various fronts, as well as moderation and fact-checking.

“We have more than a dozen fact-checking partners around the world that review content in over 30 languages. All of our fact-checking partners are accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network as verified signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network’s code of principles.”

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