Paid media: how to excel

Excelling in social media depends on many factors. Precise targeting, elaborated content strategy, proper measurement, and testing, etc. It is a whole structure in which each part must be studied and properly planned to be successful in social. But if you look at paid media, things can get complicated as it’s a complex and ever-changing practice that can make success on social tricky. This challenge is amplified if you don’t take note of the regular adaptations to features, functions and most importantly, algorithms. With just a few months to end the year, as social media marketers, we need to make sure we know how to make the most of your budget for the rest of 2021 and create campaigns for significant calendar moments like Halloween or Christmas. In this Serious Social Live, CJ helps you improve your understanding of algorithms and the latest changes to help you understand what you need to do with your content and stand out on social media. So if you need tips on how to navigate through the latest changes in paid media and make the most of your budget for the rest of the year, watch this episode!

There are three main points that you will learn:

You shouldn’t expect success from single ads.

Single ads don’t work – and, if you just focus on one ad, your conversions will end up being low. LinkedIn has confirmed that the algorithms on the ad sets are optimised for the awareness stage, the consideration phase, and the conversion phase. They are now championing people to stop serving a single ad with a single conversion and advocating a ‘nudge nurture’ approach, which involves building content aligned to the customer journey, walking people through all the stages. Why? According to LinkedIn the success rate for conversion on single ads was just 0.2%. So, trust the data and change your content depending on your customer journey.

Applying filters is key.

Having said why individual ads don’t work, you must know what content you are going to use, for whom, what messages you want to convey and what business goals you want to achieve. The content that you offer on paid social must be aligned with the customer journey and you must apply a filter on who you are targeting and why. Everything must be relevant. So, when you are coming up with your ad, you need to filter your creativity through the brief and stay on topic, stay focused on the filter and make sure everything aligns with the customer journey.

Don’t make paid media costly.

How are ad campaigns costed on social media? If you’re going after competitive audiences, you cannot just switch on an advert and let it run for its lifespan without checking or optimising it as you’ll see the estimated CPC rise very quickly, making ads expensive and inefficient. If you switch an advert on thinking that the cost per click has been forecast to you at a reasonable price, you’ll see how, through the lifetime of the campaign, that price is going up. Run your advert but consider that reviewing it and optimising it is the key to get the most out of paid media.










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