Patience, trust and a little bit of fairy dust.

Trusting the process… what is it? And what does it mean for designers and social media? Earlier this year, IF’s digital designers, Ollie Farnden and Chantal El Bikai sat down to answer exactly that.

We describe the process as a day-by-day series of steps, like making a cup of tea. From boiling water to pouring it into a mug has a process, and you can trust that you’re doing it right.

There have been so many instances of processes, and it’s so important, especially in design, where we go through every step to get the desired result. It’s important to realise that it’s not going to look as planned between the steps and getting from start to finish.┬áIt’s all about trusting yourself to know that you’re doing it correctly but, you shouldn’t be criticised for missing a step because mistakes are all part of it.

Trusting the process is pretty internal. Sometimes, a designer may have an early design and think it looks off, but they have to trust that the next step will make it look better. And it’s true. You don’t want to show something that’s half baked. It should be considered as a mock-up, rather than the final product. It’s about getting through those steps to the result, looking at the final piece and then making a judgement call.

We need to trust the process, get clients on board, and ultimately trust our designers in delivering eye-catching and exciting results.

For more chatter and best practice tips, catch up on the Serious Social: Trust the Process.

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