Personality matters on social

By if-admin | November 23, 2020

Building your brand personality on social will set you in good stead for the future – more than that, it’ll ensure your audience understand who you are and what you stand for, building up brand trust.

The key to building this up is consistency – write in a different voice and tone each time and you’ll confuse the readers, you’ll lose their loyalty. If you stay consistent, you’ll also be carving out your niche and ensuring you stand out from your competitors.

Our key ideas for how to approach building up your personality are right here, just for you!

Do the work

Brainstorm the adjectives that best describe your brand – distil it down to no more than 5

Consider who, in the world of well-known figures and celebrity, would represent your brand and why

Listen to your community – understanding your audience, how they behave and what they need from you is paramount so you can communicate with them on their level

Review and evolve

Look at what you’ve done and what you’re doing on a continual basis – test and learn

Strategy evolves, and that’s fine, don’t be concerned about adjusting things as the business grows

Get the details right

When writing, the simplest things are the ones to remember – ensure you are using questions to generate engagement, consider the CTA and make sure you’ve done your hashtag research!

It’s no easy task to do all this work – so if you want our support, just get in touch!


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