Pinterest – 2012’s social media success story?

Pinterest was the surprise social network of last year in the US achieving over 31 million visits and rising to number 7 in the Hitwise top 10 social networks of 2011. Whilst the network only represents 0.68% share of visits (Facebook represents a staggering 63.31%) – Pinterest is set to grow again in 2012 and make an impact in the UK social media scene.

The visual based network allows users to create boards about any topic or subject matter and pin graphics, images and videos to the board. Users can either follow the individual board or another user in order to curate the content they want into their news feed.


The grouping together of images in to represent a topic or idea set is a thoroughly interesting prospect and one that many brands have recognised the value in already.  Fashion and style certainly prevails on the platform, much the same way that it does on Instagram due to its visual nature.  This is a great way to group products together by style or season – take a look at Nordstrom ( and the way their profile and boards have been brought together.


The platform is currently on an invite only but sure will not be long before the flood gates are opened up especially given the buzz around it, and the huge potential for brands. Below is some clarity on the main terminology used within the platform;

  • Boards – think of this like a notice board with a heading, you can create boards on anything and ‘Pin’ images to them. It is also possible to collaborate on boards, great way to curate content between peers or for brands to engage with their followers.
  • Pins – these are the images you attach or ‘Pin’ to boards. Each pin can be Liked and commented on the same way an image other platforms can be.
  • Repin – think of a Retweet, but with a repin you take someone else’s image and repin it to your own board.
  • Followers – not a new concept, but this is does split into two. You can follow the user, or follow the boards. This allows you to follow only the content that you are interested in – so for example if ‘Leah’ cooks and shares fantastic recipes, but you do not care for her fashion sense, only follow the recipes board!

Pinterest has both an iPhone application and a website which in itself sets it apart from Instagram, not only this, but it’s integration with other platforms including Facebook should see it’s popularity spread at a rate of knots.

For those of you who like your social networks mobile, it is very much worth checking out this guide on how to ‘Pin’ from your iPhone & iPad from within Safari –


Follow me on Pinterest and drop me a comment if you would like to collaborate on my infographics board or have an idea for collaboration…. Happy Pinning!

Further evidence on Pinterest becoming 2012’s social media success story and whether UK brands should be considering Pinterest

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