Pinterest, a picture playground?

By if-admin | August 4, 2014



Do you know which social media sites are best for your business? Most B2C companies would admit they focus their efforts towards Facebook and Twitter, whereas, B2B companies predominately use LinkedIn. Without research and insight it’s easy to make these assumptions, but are marketers are forgetting one of the largest and most powerful social networks- Pinterest? It has less obvious benefits but this picture centric network isn’t just a picture playground. The power of Pinterest is huge and there is no doubt this should be at the forefront of our minds when considering social media strategy.

Pinterest has the ability to engage with your audience and tell your business’ story and values. Here are three ways Pinterest can be valuable to your business:


1. Tell your business story through images

A picture really does say a 1,000 words. Set-up a Pinterest board, display your products, values and ideas. Businesses have an opportunity to show their consumers and other businesses more about themselves and give their company a visual personality.


2. Add value with image descriptions

It’s very easy for “Pinners” to look at an image, re-pin it, and move on. By adding a description you can add value to every image. Don’t forget to include keywords and a call to action in the description of your photo. This will entice your target to click through for further information.


3. Increase your web traffic

If you want people to click through to a landing page or website then Pinterest is great for this. With each pin you post or re-pin you can include a URL link. This link will direct users to your site as soon as they click the image.

Whether you’re selling an expensive car or an innovative technology, if used correctly, Pinterest can be a valuable social media platform that would be silly to ignore. Have you seen results through Pinterest? Let us know.


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