Pinterest’s Pin Picks kick-starting a spooktacular Halloween



Pinterest has solidly established itself as one of the top visual content-sharing platforms, primed with plenty of  user-generated content but also curates content itself, through its Pin Picks feature – a lesser-known collection of a few of the Pinterest team’s “favourite things”, compiled in partnership with some well-known brands.

Pins and pinboards are a great place to find and share ideas, and there is endless fodder to play with. However if you are unable to find the right pinboard, wading through a never-ending feed of pins can quickly turn into a terrifyingly, torturous task. And in the lead up to Halloween, one of the hottest seasons for Pinners, finding inspiration for a truly spine-chilling costume or ghastly home-made gruel, amongst 176 million Halloween pins is enough to turn anyone into a cross-eyed zombie!










(Image: Pinterest)

That’s where Pinterest’s Halloween themed Pin Picks are proving to be useful. Partnering with eHow, Funny or Die, to name a few, the platform is currently highlighting a selection of pins to bring you Halloween how-to top tips, tricks, and videos to inspire a horrifyingly awesome hand-made Halloween.

Since Halloween drives a lot of traffic to Pinterest, if you’re new to the platform, it can be a daunting task searching through a vast volume of content, so Pin Picks creates a user-friendly access point, for those who have recently joined, specifically in search of costume tips, make-up tutorials and seasonal recipes.

Channelling in on Halloween hysteria is a great way to attract people who may not consider using the the visual network. But if they are met by great-quality content, personally picked by Pinterest, it could tempt them to stick around a little longer!

©  “Halloween Tree” photo by Heather Franks. Attribution 2.0 Generic

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