Live Brand Social: Focus on a few platforms to deliver the best return

Already we have discovered that consumers are most likely to share on social media if the experience was unusual (71%), entertaining (69%) and relevant (65%). However, knowing which specific social platforms they are using tells you where you need to focus your attention. It can be hard to be active across all the social media platforms, not without unlimited resource and investment. It is much better to concentrate marketing efforts on a few platforms and do the job well – building ongoing relationships and increasing advocacy.

So when it comes to live experience what social networking sites have the closest affinity with real life social media? Are there platforms where we love to post form our mobile devices and do we prefer to share the live experience on specific sites only?

Mainstream platforms remain the favourite when it comes to live brand social sharing. Survey data revealed that 61% of consumers share content on Facebook, 25% on Twitter and 24% on YouTube. When it comes to devising material for your live experience it is important that you focus on content for these three social platforms in order to enjoy maximum return from your engagement with customers.

Although the research shows that visual content performs well with consumers, such as photos (51%) and videos (37%), comments remain the most popular. Facebook sees the most interaction so it is worth planning content that is easily shared. Still, that is not to suggest that user generated content will not do well. 68% will take the time to write a post or comment following a live experience, 60% will upload a photo and 30% will upload a video.

Smartphones present an easy solution for sharing visual content but it is interesting to note that the personal touch is not lost online. Comments, in particular comments on a friend’s post, remain the favourite way to engage and interact.

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