‘Please retweet’, ‘Follow’, ‘Free’: What are the top buzzwords you need to use in your social media activity?

Content is king, we all know that. But when it comes to social media, particularly when you have so few characters to get your message across, the words you use become incredibly important.

We all want to seem intelligent, witty and eloquent when we post on social, but in the 140-character world we live in, it’s all about getting the most out of the limited words you have to play with, and making your posts as insightful and engaging as possible.

With that in mind, what are the top buzzwords that receive the most engagement on social? According to the infographic below from Neoteric UK, phrases such as ‘please retweet’ and ‘follow’ lead the way on Twitter, with the top 10 lists also featuring high on the list.

While the call-to-action of ‘please retweet’, may seem a bit too direct and promotional for some brands, it does have its uses and works very well for the right brands. Charity fundraising, appeals for missing persons and appeals for information on crimes are just a handful of ways where the direct call for a retweet has seen success.

For blog posts, the words that are most effective include ‘smart’, ‘huge’, ‘amazing’. Again, the key for blog headlines is to say as much as you can in as many little words as possible. After all, ’10 amazing films out this year’ is a much stronger headline than ‘Films you have to watch this year.’ With blog posts, it is all about the headline and first paragraph – if you cannot hook your reader and grab their attention here, they will move on.

What are the top buzzwords that you use on social media?

social-media-words-phrases-engagementInfographic via Neoteric UK

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