Positive brand stories amid COVID-19

Another day, another dose of daily doom and gloom – on the TV that is. Switch to social and there’s a whole host of heart-warming acts of kindness, people pulling together to help those in need and a steady stream of informative info to combat harmful rumours.

And at the heart of this, despite dealing with adversity of their own, brands, personalities and business owners are using social to give back, spread some love and keep us going through these turbulent times.

Below is a list of feel-good FRIYAY shout outs to those making a positive impact.

For those on the frontline fighting the good fight, you’re not alone. From the independent restaurants to the big coffee shops, there’s always a discount gesture of goodwill for those superhuman NHS workers. Greggs, Pret and LEON alike are all offering discounts; whether that be a free coffee or 50% off food:


Meanwhile, adding to their policy to aid elderly people shopping. Tesco has added a golden hour for NHS staff so they can shop uninterrupted before the general opening hours.


And whilst we’re on the subject of supermarkets, how about this for brands banding together in a time of crisis!A pledge from all supermarkets collectively, committing to looking after everyone together:


But for some other brands, it goes even further than helping out those superhuman workers…

Shortages of hand sanitiser have been an issue from the get-go. Despite losing 70% of their income overnight and fighting to keep all of their staff in employment, Brewdog has pledged to create and distribute hand sanitiser for free (although they forgot to mention it to start):


World-leading expense company, Expensify, are redirecting all charitable funds to expensify.org/hunger to help those in need of assistance purchasing essential goods during the outbreak:


And for those worried about keeping the kids active during school shutdown. Make sure you’re plugged into ‘PE WITH JOE’ Monday-Friday’s at 9am. The Bodycoach is pledging to keep kids energised, positive and optimistic during school closures:


These are just a handful of examples of the good brands are doing to give back during this time of crisis- trust us, we could go on for days listing them all out! But here at immediate future, we thought it was important to share some positivity in the world right now and highlight these awesome brands!

If you’ve come across any brands that are smashing it right now, let us know! Let’s start a conversation and spread some cheer as an online community 

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