Quick wins for evergreen content

Over the last few months we’ve been fortunate enough to have on-boarded several new global clients spanning lifestyle, consumer and technology markets. One of the first things we’re always asked is: “what are the quick wins we can deliver together?”
Clearly I cannot reveal too much about how we go about making an immediate impact, but one of the simple things brands can do – and that we can discuss – is getting your evergreen content right.

Evergreen content, for those unfamiliar with the term, is content that is not time or season-sensitive. It is content that will still be relevant to audiences in future weeks or months The content will nod to your proposition, whilst offering customers something interesting.

So how do we go about creating evergreen content?

  • Asses what you have got

What is the best performing website, blog and social content that you’ve got?

What are the articles that consistently get you traffic?

What content could you refresh with new creative assets and copy, for it to re-enter Twitter, Facebook et al, but looking relevant to today?

  • Audit what rival and aspirational brands are doing

What content types / narratives are consistently getting likes, shares or media attention?

What can you learn from this?

What are your nearest and dearest doing well, that you could also package in a similar (not identical) way?

  • What client problems do you consistently solve (and have done so for years)?

Information that solves ‘sleepless nights’ works a treat

  • Do it consistently and repeatedly!

Posts should appear several times, with varying images, GIFs, videos and differing copy. Just because you’ve seen it, doesn’t mean your entire audience has viewed it.

Vary the posting times – and please, don’t post on the hour. Too many people do that already. 11:00 is busy, busy, busy

At IF we call this process shattering content. Yes, there is an element of redesign, but you’re essentially reworking content that you’ve got. You’re making it work harder and smarter, in social. It’s true that you need to consider how and what you support with Paid Media, if you really want to make your content standout and sing to the right audiences, but that’s another post for another day.

Go (ever) green. It’s great for the environment and social.



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