Real Talk from Twitter

When creating strategies for specific platforms, we marketers will always ask the same questions; which audience is on that platform? What content do they want to see? And what are their expectations?

To help us, Twitter has released a new report “#RealTalk” that explores how brands can succeed on the platform based on users expectations, trends, and brand conversations. Pretty much everything you would look into yourselves when creating the strategy but on a larger scale. The brains at Twitter analysed content from brands and about brands, as well as surveys, uncovering details about Twitter marketing – what works and what doesn’t, what gets responses, and what is expected.  

So, what key points can we take away to help us forge our way to success?

Users pay attention

As worded in the report, ‘they’re onto us’. Twitter users are joining in with brand conversations more than ever before and are quick to identify poor marketing campaigns. They have high expectations of what they want to see and notice when brands don’t that criteria.

[#RealTalk, Twitter Insights, January 2022]

And, they’re TIRED!

Yep, that’s right. To all marketers who are jumping on bandwagons and creating content around samey topics, the audience is noticing and in brutal honesty, they really don’t care. 

[#RealTalk, Twitter Insights, January 2022]

They want brands to be genuine and BOLD

Authenticity is a keyword that comes up a lot within our industry and if you ask any brand, they’ll most likely say they want to be seen as authentic. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? But, sometimes to be genuine and truly be yourself, can be seen in a negative light. 

By gaining a true understanding of your brand and then your audience, you can create the right content. 

[#RealTalk, Twitter Insights, January 2022]

Now, everything within this report is what marketers need to be hearing and should be working towards when it comes to improvements. But if you’re looking for some strategy help or some ‘Real agency Talk’ then get in touch today.

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