Real-time marketing: Which brands excelled at Super Bowl XLVIII?

Real-time marketing is a hot topic right now. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to schedule tweets and Facebook posts to go live during an event, it’s now all about real-time social media marketing and the ability to display near-instant creativity.

Social media itself is a perfect fit for real-time communications: tying in events, news and trends with timely community management.

A number of brands have evolved their approach to be quick on their feet and act in real-time on social. Take this example from the likes of Tesco Mobile and Jaffa Cakes, where an initial Twitter conversation evolved to include multiple people and brands, increasing the exposure for the brands involved.

As well as being one of the premier sporting events of the year, the Super Bowl is prime time for brands to display their credentials and new initiatives. The attention may have been focused on the Seattle Seahawks’ demolition of the Denver Broncos, but many brands came out in full force, unveiling new commercials and embracing the power of real-time marketing.

Oreo was one of the standout performers of last year’s Super Bowl, taking advantage of the power cut in the game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers with this tweet:

With over 15,000 retweets from their post, Oreo took advantage of the furore over the power cut and used it to their advantage with real-time social media action. So who stole Oreo’s crown this year? We pick out our top Super Bowl XLVIII examples.



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