Real-time touches down at the Super Bowl

Few events in the sporting calendar command as much media coverage or social chatter as the US Super Bowl. Last year, French data intelligence company, Semiocast, reported that the American football championship was the focus of 4.5 million tweets, driving a 25% increase in global tweets during Super Bowl Sunday, while The Huffington Post reports that some 162.9 million people tuned into to watch the big event on TV.

While powerful advertising secured Doritos the most branded Twitter mentions surrounding the game in 2011, a number of brands have chosen to tackle social media head-on by putting real-time at the heart of this year’s campaigns. We’re kicking off with the best three.


1. Coca-Cola

With Pepsi reaching the top three most mentioned brands during last year’s Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that Coca-Cola has hit back. The drinks giant has developed a Facebook app, which enables viewers to watch videos of the brand’s iconic polar bears reacting in real-time to the game.



2. Pepsi

Keen not to be sidelined after last year’s success, the brand is using its social TV platform, Pepsi Sound Off, to show a real-time, celebrity-laden viewing party during the game. The web application enables viewers to engage with and shape the viewing party conversations by sharing comments using core hashtags via Twitter and Facebook.


3. National Football League

The NFL has kicked up controversy by announcing that players will be allowed to tweet from the sidelines during this year’s Pro Bowl, the first match of Super Bowl Sunday. While supporters have applauded the move for delivering entertainment to the fans, skeptics have criticised the NFL for taking players’ eyes off the game.

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