Live Brand Social: Recommendations are results

Word of mouth is a coveted form of marketing. There is nothing like your customers talking positively about your brand, product and services. Google suggests that the value is on the Zero Moment of Truth where consumers jump online to check out a brand before purchase. The way customers buy has changed. The purchase path is no longer a funnel from awareness to sales; it is now a loop. Feedback from the brands and product experience informs repeat and new purchases.

A well-conceived live brand social campaign can encourage great reviews and recommendations. Our research shows that, while 37% will join the brand’s social networking page or profile after a live experience54% will recommend the brand to a friend. As well as that, 33% will write a positive review based on their experience of live events with social.

Because review and comparison sites are so popular, not to mention easy to find in the search engines, it is not surprising that consumers will consult reviews from previous customers before making a purchase. So having impromptu, positive reviews and genuine recommendations from your target audience can add untold value to a brand.


Lending more weight to our research, the Harvard Business Review states that 76% of consumers cite word of mouth as their main influence when making purchase decisions compared to traditional advertising – and that word of mouth has been found to be 10 times more effective than TV or print.

53% of consumers become aware of a live experience from a friend’s social media activity and over half (53%) are motivated to share on social because they want to connect with friends online. To take it one step further, you can use this information to actively encourage social word of mouth.

Monitor the conversations around your experience. Look for the advocates and identify influencers and fans and then actively engage with your advocates directly, give them more reasons to talk about you and your products, and even invite them to your next live experience! By doing so you are creating and encouraging brand evangelists who will ultimately do your advertising for you by word of mouth.

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