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Recruiters have taken social media by the horns and well and truly learnt its power to connect them with candidates in a totally new and exciting way. Although it is bringing much success for some, it’s not for all. 2014 will be the year that, finally, recruiters globally will fully understand the power that social has in recruitment.

2014 is set to be the year that sees mobile fast becoming a regular tool in recruitment, for recruiters and candidates alike. Professional networking site LinkedIn is ahead of this craze, with their mobile editions of the recruiter and job seeker apps.

  • 51% of the UK population use their mobile telephones as their primary internet connection.
  • It has been predicted that by 2017, 97% of UK users will own a mobile phone.
  • In early 2014 mobile internet usage is set to overtake desktop.
  • 7 out of 10 people have already searched for jobs on a mobile device.
  • 3 out of 10 people have already applied for a job via a mobile device.
  • 72% of jobseekers want to receive career information via their mobile device.
  • 84% of jobseekers think their organisations would benefit from mobile friendly sites.
  • 86% of jobseekers who have smartphones say they would search for jobs with them.

Stats: Enhance media feature, Recruiter magazine, Dec 2013

Content is also an important way to engage with job seekers. I wrote a blog last year about the importance of content in recruitment and how it engages those you actively seek for immediate and future hires. Ensuring content is up to date, interesting, factual and relevant to your audience is of the utmost importance. Employer branding is a way of connecting with your target employees and engaging with them, not only making the hiring process easier, but the full on boarding process and the longevity of an employee’s service. Why? Because they have bought-in to the employer. As long as the content is actually a reflection of the company, then employees will stay.

Social media is not a way hiring without the fee. Using it on a basic level is great, as a learning tool, but to take full advantage and maximise its recruiting potential, you need to learn how to recruit using social media or hire someone who understands how to. You need to pay to play in this arena, but the investment will be returned and as long as you are using it right your hires will be more skilled, more engaged, recruited cheaper and faster than using an agency.

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