Are you familiar with Reddit? Is the social news site incorporated into your social media monitoring and planning?

So, what is Reddit?

A dark horse of the online world, Reddit is a sharing platform that businesses and brands alike should be au fait with. It’s an online space where users or ‘redditors’ as they are known, share compelling content and breaking news, often front running the news agenda.

However, Reddit is much more than just a platform for sharing. Since its early days as an online space where liberal, left-wing citizens grouped together and shared opinions, it has spawned a widespread and dedicated community. The site has surpassed the boundaries of a traditional forum, evolving into a social movement and a force to be reckoned with.

Reddit and other comparable websites, such as 4chan, have endowed citizens with a whole new level of power, allowing individuals to come together and collaborate. ‘Anonymous’, the anarchic collective, which has its roots in 4chan is now an international operation. The “hactivist” group is well-known for a variety of illegal activities and most recently has played a significant role in the Occupy Wall Street movement, rallying members and creating buzz.

At present, there are 24,848 redditors subscribed to the ‘occupywallstreet’ sub-reddit, where active discussions and lively debates about the movement continuously take place. To cite another example of the Reddit community’s active engagement, members have only recently taken a stand against the Stop Online Piracy (SOPA), disputing the colossal risk that it poses to the way the internet is used today and government censorship.

Stay tuned for part II of this blog, where we will explain what Reddit has to offer brands and businesses.

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