In an update that doesn’t come as a shock… although has me going “hmmmm??” Reddit is currently testing out its own Clubhouse-style audio social. However, the most notable difference is the voice chat feature being available to moderators, and also subredditers who purchase a “power-up” subscription.


There’s been no firm confirmation from Reddit, however, with social media moving into audio social, it’s no surprise that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Could this be a good move for Reddit, or will it devolve into utter chaos? The fact that it could be part of a paid subscription has me scratching my head, surely with free alternatives like Clubhouse, Twitter, and even Discord, the want for a paid Reddit version would be on the lower end of the spectrum. And yet with Reddit being as big as it is, it could be a great move for their online communities.


Whilst audio social isn’t entirely a new thing, Clubhouse has paved the way and brought to light something that was missing in social media, leading to far bigger companies wanting to be included. It’s been interesting seeing this evolve, and I’m intrigued to see where it goes next and who can take it a step further and give us something truly innovative.

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