Rising Twitter Topics 2021

With so much change, disruption, and discussion around what’s next all around the world, it can be difficult to stay in touch with what really matters at the moment. For a brand on social, if you aren’t on top of key trends, how people are feeling and why your audience is logged in, then you can’t even begin to engage with them effectively. Twitter, in particular, is a platform used to talk about things that matter to individuals, no matter what subject that may be. And they have recently analysed open and honest conversations to get a fresh understanding of the evolving trends and the attitudes that are shaping the future of the platform. In their full report, the data suggest that the most culturally relevant brands tend to perform the best!

So, to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve pinpointed three of the big trends to be mindful of when planning ahead. And to help your brand stay on top of what’s happening in this wild world.



Covid-19 brought conversations around health right to the front of the Tweetdeck. Not just physical, but also mental health. People are much more conscious of their personal wellness and the mentions around “self-care” were up 55%. Brands must be mindful of this and encourage open, honest and sympathetic dialogue which doesn’t alienate the feelings of audiences online. Even with lockdown restrictions being lifted, it’s thought that self-care and personal wellness will stay front and centre.


Tech life

This year we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of living and working. From virtual healthcare to smart cities, to virtual events and the rise of AR. Everything is being powered by the rise of technological advances. And conversations around the positive social impact have increased by 94%. On the flip side, there has been an increase in conversations talking about where the ‘tech line’ needs to be drawn. Tech bias-related tweets have risen 219%. Be mindful that although many industries embrace the evolution of tech, many people are wary of tech controlling or taking over their job.



Black Lives Matter kicked off a global conversation about social justice, empowering change, and highlighted the need for immediate change. Conversations around identity increased 61% as culturally we’ve become more open, engaged, and willing to share our personal views and speak out for what we believe in. Brands have been more active too and those who have stood tall and spoken out have received the most recognition. Been seen, be heard, be valued, and be a part of the fight for a better future for all!

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