Say what? Driving traffic from Instagram is possible!

Gone are the days when you need to remind people to check your link in your bio. Instagram does drive traffic to your website providing you follow a few key pointers which, being a generous lot at immediate future, we are happy to share with you.

Here’s a two-word hint for you: Instagram Stories!

So how can Instagram Stories drive website traffic?

Want to get started? We outline some of our favourite tactics below as well as some ‘top tips’ to really help support your web traffic objective. 

Add links to your Instagram Stories

If you have an Instagram business account, plus 10,000 followers, you can make the most of the powerful “swipe up” feature. This allows you to add a link to any of your Instagram Stories, making it the best way to drive traffic back to your website.

TOP TIP! Don’t forget to add a really clear call-to-action for the viewer to swipe up else it can be missed.

Use Instagram Stories to build hype and tease the audience

Anticipation is key if you want to drive people to your website. Posting one story with a link in the hope of getting lots of website traffic is a gamble. We find it much more productive to hint or to let people know what is coming next so there is more chance of them clicking through for a chance to find out.

TOP TIP! People are keen to know what’s in it for them so be clear about what they can get if they do click through.

Make the most of the Direct Message feature

Use this feature to answer questions and direct the person enquiring back to your website, whether it’s for further product information, a relevant and related blog or news updates.

TOP TIP! Make the most of the question sticker on Instagram Stories to ask the audience what they want to know. 

And don’t forget – track those links!

Crucially you need to see which links are getting the most clicks and as an extension which Stories are being well received. You will then receive a better understanding of what content your audience is engaged with so you can then create content your audience will love. Tools like and delving into Google Analytics will aid you with tracking.

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