School of life is never out for summer. How do you keep on learning?


School of life is never out for summer. No matter what job you do, there’s always room to learn more, especially if you’re a perma-switched on curiosity driven creative.

Your employer could (and should) be looking to develop you in your role, either by team training or on an individual level. You may go to conferences and networking under your own steam, which is a more social opportunity to learn, but what about the nuts and bolts of learning? Reading, researching, listening, making notes…

Now, there are more routes than ever to improve yourself. The analogue route still works. Visit libraries (while you can) and grab books (or order from A****n if you really have to) that grab your attention. Make notes, digest, repeat ad infinitum. Apply learnings at work, look like a superstar and keep aiming for the next pay-rise!

The digital landscape has learning opportunities as far as the eye can see. Sites like Future Learn offer free online courses. Clearly structured, a wealth of choice and the opportunity to fit it in at your own pace. No evening classes to rush to. Wake up and dip in. Go back on your lunch break. Whenever suits.

I’ve just found the time to start dipping into podcasts (late bloomer). Being music obsessed, it’s easy to just keep online radio shows rolling through the headphones, but then an ad appeared for relevant podcasts on Mixcloud (thanks Google!) after I searched on B2B copywriting.

Podcasts are pretty good for learning at your desk, in bed, walking to the shops. Basically, no visuals! You don’t have to interact with your device. Win. No more looking down and scrolling, oblivious to your environment.

Clickbait. Top 5’s. Social dross that has learning gold embedded deep in your mining. Unfortunately, you have to wade through a lot of regurgitated, poorly written posts, but occasionally you’ll find one that has a fantastic headline, is well-crafted and delivers real insights.

Bookmark articles or white papers to read when you’re not taking any of these other routes. Share with others and they’ll share with you, especially if they know what you like. Join groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can learn from others, but also share what you know, gradually positioning yourself as a thought leader (brain baron? Ideas manager?).

YouTube. Yep. It helps non-DIYers like me do seemingly simple tasks (HOW DO I CHANGE A LIGHTBULB!?), is great for entertainment, but can also host podcasts & webinars, as well as to-camera pieces.

So, September is back to school time for children. Parents may dread it, but us adults? Maybe it’s a timely reminder that we never stop learning, and nobody’s going to spoon-feed us anymore. Start thinking about your thinking and stay enriched.

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