As you might expect, being in the social media industry, means I often find my work filtering through into my personal life. It doesn’t help being a self admitting social geek but, I must admit, that I often find myself looking at the engagement and activity of my friends Facebook status’.

Trying to find what type of Facebook status or picture engages best is my latest, all be it odd, hobby. What gets more “likes” “comments” and “shares”? An engagement? A new baby? A picture from holiday or even a video of a friend dancing? I’ve really seen it all this summer!

From my observations I have found these to be the top 3 most engaged status’ on Facebook.

1) Engagements (averaging over 250 likes, 50 comments and 10 shares)

2) New babies (averaging over 150 likes, 35 comments and 5 shares)

3) Holiday check-ins (averaging over 50 likes, 15 comments and 3 shares)

Now let me put my work hat back on. The idea of sharing on social, not just likes, comments, etc is very important! This helps increase reach and impressions of a post. I’ve found this lovely infographic that gives us more insight into my hobby and it is interesting to see what, how and where users are sharing?



As we can see what people are sharing is very similar to what I found my friends were engaging with on social!

Discover more here!

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