A recent study shows that Google Plus is now the second largest social network in the world. According to GWI, there are now 343m people using the platform, and it is hardly surprising. Google is integrating the existing user base of Gmail into G+ and continues to work hard on making one, comprehensive social engine.

As Google Plus continues to grow rapidly, brands respond accordingly. Another fresh research now shows exponential rise of top brand activity on Google+.

3/4 of top 100 brands now have active Google+ profiles

Top brands have attracted 20.9m G+ fans (9400% growth)

So why should we now take Google+ seriously?

1. SEO power

We are talking about Google – the most used search engine in the world. G+ pages rose from 0% to 20% visibility in search results over last year.

2.Immense user base

There is a huge number of potential fans and followers currently on Google Plus who have not started following brands. There is therefore a great opportunity to work hard at engaging with them and growing your community.

3. First mover advantage

For the time being there is little competition on Google Plus. Even though many brands have registered their pages, not many are using them to the full potential. Not many truly engage with the fan base. Not many create communities of brand advocates. Being the first brand within your industry that engages with its customers on G+ can make a difference.

What are your thoughts? Would you encourage people to take G+ seriously?

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