Shutterstock colour trends 2022

Although we’re mid-way through February already, the trends for this year still keep coming. And this time it’s colour trends from the one and only Shutterstock. 

Taken from data over the past year, mixed with insights from Shutterstock AI, the 2022 colour trends report details how each colour performs online, helping marketers to make informed decisions when creating assets for digital.

The colours discovered are:

  • Calming Coral – #E9967A
  • Velvet Violet – #800080
  • Pacific Pink – #DB7093
  • And every possible shade of green you can think of!

The report even details colour trends by country, with the UK using a medium shade of pink, number #FFC0CB. 

For marketers, the use of colour on social is hugely important and can have an impact on the performance of content. Using colours that are too dark will not stand out well on social. And using colours that do not complement each other, especially when there’s text involved, can make your content inaccessible to some users. 

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