Sifting the bona fide from the BS. Which marketing myths should you ignore?

Myths are part of historic fabric. From the existence of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, to the Beast of Bodmin Moor, myths or legend are folklore in Britain. Some to stories have transcended continents too – the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men making it all the way to Hollywood.

The same reach can be said of many a marketing myth too. Statements once cultivated from an individual’s mind, then shared from desk-to-desk and more recently computer-to-computer;  and today, we’re even seeing generational baton-sharing of the marketing myth.

Much like those gallant folks who’ve embarked on a quest to either prove or disprove Nessie’s existence, we took on our own monster-sized challenge by exploring the marketing myths you should pay attention to and those you should simply wipe from your minds.

The great thing about modern marketing is the data. It’s easy to confirm something if you have the time to explore.  Which is part of the problem, few marketers have time. So we’ve done the graft for you and even filmed a live broadcast revealing the more common faux myths. You can view it here:

What can you expect? Well, we cover:

  1. Does only short-form content perform well on Social Media?
  2. Do blogs need to be 800 words or less?
  3. Is Social Media free marketing?
  4. Are you right to say your customers aren’t on Social Media?
  5. Should you be on every social network?
  6. Is Social Media just fluffy and lacking solid metrics?
  7. Is Social Media is just a place to troll and bash your brand?
  8. Are TokTok and Snapchat just to entertain the kids and not marketing?
  9. And, is it true that you don’t have enough content for Social Media?

Evidently there are many, many more myths. We started with the more common. Perhaps, if demand warrants, we’ll go further in a follow-up piece

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