Size matters in social…more than ever



The ability to know what engages your audience has always been important but marketers, consultants and analysis are turning their attention to why?

With more social media insights than ever we are empowered with the ability to optimise our social content and this allows us to answer the why question. By taking a scientific hypothesis/variable answering approach there is now a way to answer some very important questions.

What is the perfect social post length?

When does my audience engage with social content?

What topics does my audience engage with most?

Does my audience prefer videos, images or slideshares?

The list can go on (and will change depending on the company) but being able to approach key questions, one at a time, is going to be the best strategy. If not your analysis and insight can become confusing.

Knowing the finer details of how your audience engages with your content is a stepping stone down the line for many companies. However, start small and work your way to more demanding questions. Recently, there has been a lot of research into the optimum social post length.

Why not try doing this yourself?

Step 1:Record all your social posts

Step 2: Measure the length of these

Step 3: Find the engagement of each social post

Step 4: Discover a trend in post size and engagement.

This is a simple start to optimising content. If you are not sure about your results there is no harm in comparing against other researchers. There are plenty of articles out there, this is a great one to start with.

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