Snack brands latest campaigns drive social engagement

By if-admin | February 6, 2012

Two great examples of brands using social engagement at the heart of their campaigns have popped up recently. Both Walkers Crisps and Kit Kat Chunky have launched multi-channel campaigns supported by TV advertising to create a buzz around new flavours of their products, seeking user participation and driving activity through their Facebook pages.

The ‘Choose a Chunky Champion’ campaign drives users to vote for their favourite flavour and Kit Kat Chunky guru for their chance to win £100 each day. A series of comedy sketches on YouTube from the representative gurus ask users to back their flavour – quite amusing too, take a look below…

Walkers have switched up from their usual ‘choose from’ voting style campaigns – creating 3 mystery bags of crisps from which users have to guess the flavour for their chance to win £50,000. The bags themselves are inserted randomly into multi bag packs. As with Kit Kat, Walkers have elected to develop content which will be distributed and integrated into the Facebook tab via YouTube. The video clips appear to go behind the scenes of the making of the crisps in a bid to fuel the mystery bag debate…

walker crisps fb

It is great to see both brands fuelling debate, conversation and engagement in their social channels and crowd sourcing decisions on new product launches. More like this please!

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