Not a Snapchat user? Doesn’t mean you won’t be finding out more about it…

On Tuesday, Twitter announced that you can now share certain stories outside of the app with a shareable link & open them on a webpage, mobile browser, or within Facebook & Twitter. At the moment, the feature has only made ‘Search Stories’, ‘Official Stories’ & ‘Our Stories’ available to share. In other words, all the stories on the app’s ‘Discover’ section.

The ‘Publisher Stories’, produced by media companies, will be exclusive to account holders. We can expect this to change & for the feature to open up sharing capabilities in due course..

When you share said story, you’ll be given a shareable link. Whoever you share this link with can watch the story & share it again. Unsurprisingly, there’s also a ‘Download Snapchat’ link next to the video.

Keep in mind that the stories won’t lose their impermanent nature, ‘Official Stories’ will expire after 24 hours & ‘Our Stories’ & ‘Search Stories’ have 30 days.

So, when they eventually make it so you’re able to send your own Stories, when you willingly send your Grandma a link of yours from the weekend, remind her she’s got a time limit (horribly ageist, sorry! 😂).

Maybe your Grandma is already on Snapchat, but when I’ve handed mine my phone to watch a Story, it’s a locked screen every time….

It’s fair to say that Snapchat’s latest effort to fight back against their recent stunted growth, will definitely mean more people will see their Stories. More people seeing the stories should mean more people signing up, or at least exposing non-users to Snapchat content, so they have a better understanding of what it entails.

It’s also an indication that we could see the future of Snapchat as not just strictly limited to mobile. Obviously, their primary goal through introducing this feature, is to convert more people into Snapchat users. Let’s hope they see an improvement as a result!

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