Snap with a bit more substance using Context cards



At IF, we’re all about creating a meaningful connection between the Ad products of Social platforms and the marketing strategies of our clients.


Ever since Snapchat went public, it’s been really interesting to see a delay in waiting for them to launch a decent, competitive Ad proposition. The evidence lies in their Q1-Q3 earnings and on the other end, Facebook has continued to thrive, in what they are claiming to be their best year so far.


We get really excited when we hear about new Ad products at IF! So, when we heard about the new Context cards from Snapchat, it was only right to focus on how these will make a difference for both users and businesses.


Snapchat wants more time spent on their App. By creating a means of getting useful contextual information to geotagged public snaps, such as directions, reviews, contact information and even the ability to book a table at a restaurant or book a cab, Snap will finally compete for Ad dollars with their rivals Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In their blog, they mentioned a few of their initial partners: TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, goop as well as Uber and Lyft. Companies can pay for their information to be displayed using a ‘See more’ link, similar to their current Ads.


We’re looking forward to watching Snapchat continue its journey on becoming a trustworthy source where businesses can be part of its user’s daily lives. After all we are living in a time where we rely for real time delivery, on demand!











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