Snapchat launches sponsored 3D World Lenses into the real world



I mean finally! Recent announcements of Snap’s major losses have had everyone asking the same question: why can’t they lure advertisers?

Well, they might have just flipped the coin. Snapchat’s Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan took to the Advertising Week New York stage on Thursday to announce what we’ve all been (not so patiently) waiting for; brands can now sponsor a 3D World Lens. This means that advertisers can now use the Snapchat camera to bring characters and products to life with the new launch geared towards driving greater interaction between users and a brand’s own creative.

Two of the first advertisers to get on board the World Lens train are Warner Bros and Bud Light.

Warner Bros is putting the “Spinner” car from the new Blade Runner 2049 into action, while Bud Light is offering up a friendly beer vendor man.


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Source: Snapchat


According to Khan, this new launch can be used for top-funnel marketing engagement with consumers, but also for product discovery and product trials.

He later went on to raise some of the key statistics Snapchat has been able to establish since launch, revealing that on average, campaigns with Lenses drive a 19.7 point lift in ad awareness and 6.4 point lift in brand awareness.


So, what kind of metrics are we talking here? Firstly, sponsored 3D World Lenses come with reporting for media engagement stats. These include reach, efficiency of reach and the amount of time that consumers play with the lenses. Secondly, there’s reporting that crunches numbers on stats like awareness, purchase intent, offline sales impact and brand favourability.

3D World Lenses will be available for advertisers to purchase in the next few days (YAY!) and are being sold as part of larger ad packages that also include Snap Ads or sponsored lenses. They can either be purchased as a national takeover or by using Snapchat’s audience-targeting options.


We can’t be more excited. There’s a shining Lens at the end of the funnel and soon, we might be able to get our hands on it ourselves!


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