Brits, listen up! Snapchat has a new feature, which will allow UK users to create their very own personalised Lenses directly from the app for the first time. Always wanted to give it a go? Now you can!

According to Snap, over 70 million people use the popular face and voice-changing tool every single day. That’s a lot of filter!

The latest feature gives users a choice of more than 150 face-editing templates and lets you customise them with text, emoji’s, dates, times and locations, with prices of the Lenses starting at £5.99.

Using the Lens filters you can also set time and location restrictions, making them ideal for events like product launches, new store openings, pop-up stores, etc.

Snapchat is clearly trying really hard to keep on top of the constant battle with Facebook’s hurdle of apps. Facebook-owned Instagram Stories reportedly has over 300 million daily active users. Snapchat’s audience is 187 million active users, 60 million of which are in Europe.

Facebook’s apps have been copying a series of Snapchat’s features over the past couple of years, hoping to win the popularity contest amongst younger social media users. As a result, Snapchat has fought back by rolling out a range of its own updates, which weren’t always received well. The app’s recent redesign has received so much negative criticism that users even started a Change.org petition, which received 1.2 million signatures.

On the other hand, Snap’s Bitmoji and Bitmoji Deluxe products have proven rather successful, with the latter ranking number one in the list of the world’s most downloaded apps in 2017.

Snapchat’s latest ‘Create your own Lens’ feature can be found online at snapchat.com/create or can be accessed through the Settings section of the app.

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