Snapchat redesign V2.0

Snapchat recently revealed an all-new layout which quite frankly was unpopular amongst most of its users. Here is a list of some of the dreadful changes that were made:


  • The addition of more navigation buttons
  • The removal of Creators from the Stories list
  • Messages and Stories from friends mixed together sorted algorithmically (confusion)
  • Discover, sorted algorithmically, with influencers and people who don’t follow you (oh so annoying!)


With almost 1.2 million people signing a petition ( with the hope to get the old design back, Snapchat saw a 73% drop in user sentiment.


Mr Evan Spiegel, the CEO, continued to hold his head high above the clouds and ignore all of the negative reviews and the declining usage.



Late last week, Snapchat finally announced that they will be rolling out further changes, despite Spiegel’s initial statements:


  • Messages will now be sorted reverse chronologically
  • Friends’ Stories will be sorted algorithmically, not chronologically
  • Subscriptions to creators will be sorted algorithmically
  • Discover channels sorted algorithmically


Whilst some of these changes make sense, they don’t solve everything. Their most recent results showed slow user growth and some concerns. Will these variations be enough to get the numbers back on track?

We look forward to seeing what Snapchat will continue to do to optimise the user experience of their app. Especially with their rivals Facebook’s continued investments and focus on Instagram Stories.

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