Snow in London through the lens of Twitter

It is January, and London has gone through its yearly season of snow. Unlike countries where snow stays around for a couple of months, here it was gone within a matter of days. And unlike places where it really disrupts the day to day living, in London it at least provided a good topic to tweet about.

Everyone tweets these days.  Having 140m active users Twitter provides opportunities for businesses, non-profits, individuals and political parties to listen and talk to their audiences. When snow came to London, people took different approaches to express their opinion about the #snowday.


There’s always someone who is not too keen to see the beautiful, white snow flakes covering the ground.

On the other hand, others really appreciate it.

The boredom of commute provides obvious opportunities to tweet. However, those of us who are completely stuck may benefit from a private jet service by Victor.

Snow cannot stop the political battles taking place across the country. Twitter enables political thought reach its audience regardless of geographical barriers.

Similarly, business as usual for the business people.

Twitter enables local small businesses relate to their customers the way big corporations will never be able to. Here’s an example of customer loyalty at its best, and an organisation tapping into the potential of Twitter:

This story would be incomplete without a little bit of snow fun.

Some people see Twitter as a collection of isolated sentences that portray no bigger picture and tell no greater story. And, to be honest, many people do tweet that way.

However, it does not have to be that way. You can tell one, big story through a series of isolated tweets in a way that is consistent with your personality and achieves your long-term goals. The tweets above are examples of different personalities talking about the same subject from unique perspectives, telling their own unique stories. And this is an essential requirement for a long-term, strategic Twitter campaign that will bring success.


Image courtesy of Christine Matthews, Footprints in the snow London N14, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons 2.0 generic Licence.

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