Social Media 101

Close your eyes and imagine a scenario where your social media content not only captures attention but also forms a lasting connection with your audience… ✨ Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? We can all agree that creating memorable content is not that easy. In this blog, I delve into the ever-evolving landscape of social media strategy and explore the core philosophies that we live by to break the social boring. As someone who’s worked with clients from diverse industries—travel, food, finance, e-commerce, entertainment and much more—I’m here to spill the tea on what I’ve learned about social media – the basics! So join me as I unravel the secrets of audience-first approaches, the significance of creating thumb-stopping content, and the strategic importance of paid performance.

Audience first:

Let’s start with the basics – know your audience. You need to look at where your audiences are and then decide on which platforms you should be. Resist the urge to choose platforms impulsively – you don’t need to be on ALL social platforms. Instead, prioritise your audience and really get to know them. Go beyond age, gender and location and explore psychographics, digging into attitudes, values and interests. Ask yourself this: what keeps your audience tossing and turning at night? Crafting content that addresses these pain points is key to building a strong relationship with your audience.

Understanding your audience and having an “audience first” approach will help you segment your audience accordingly and tailor content that aligns with their behaviours. It’s all about having the right content, in the right context at the right time.

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Break the social boring and be the thumb-stopper

We live in a digital world where attention spans are shorter and shorter. You have two seconds to grab attention. Yes, you read that right, two seconds! And that means you need to produce thumb-stopping content. Forget about the old days of churning out posts like there’s no tomorrow. Now, it’s all about prioritising quality and valuable content over quantity. Dive into your brand’s story – become the storyteller your audience can’t resist and create content that captivates and builds a meaningful connection with your audience.

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Performance is in the Paid:

Organic reach is like chasing a unicorn in the social media forest. Platform algorithms are very challenging, and they don’t always play fair. Especially for brands aiming to speak not just to their current audience but the one they dream of. But fear not, because here comes the hero of our story – paid advertising. If you want to talk and connect with the audience you want, not just the one you’ve got, deploying paid strategies is a must. Paid strategies aren’t just an option; they are essential if you want to overcome algorithmic limitations.

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In a nutshell, cracking the social media code is all about understanding your audience, creating content that stops thumbs, and letting paid strategies be your best friend in this digital world. So, dive in, have some fun (you should be having fun – it’s social!) and watch your social media strategy go from ‘meh’ to ‘wow!’. Still need help? Contact us!

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