Social media and the landing page – A match made in heaven

Rather than leading your social media traffic to the home page, why not take them on a journey via your landing page and turn visitor numbers into conversions. Creating web pages with a specific purpose is a gold mine for gathering new leads, encouraging event registration and guiding visitors to a particular product, service or content asset.

Don’t make the assumption that all people are the same, target the audience you want to engage with by creating a persona, paid media group or ideal target market. Consider their demographics, locations, likes, needs and challenges. Target your ideal audience through social media and show them the way to your landing page. Once you’ve pin pointed your ideal audience, find out what they want and need and talk to them in their language. Include the right call to actions (CTAs) on both social media and the landing page to ensure you lead your visitors the right way.

Give your audience direction

Images do speak louder than words! Ensure your colour schemes, fonts, imagery and bold CTA buttons reflect the downloadable asset, event and products/service. The first quarter of the page should provide teasers for the audience to keep scrolling down to the serious stuff.

CTAs are the key to conversion success. Relevant and straight-to-the-point CTAs will be the driving force of your campaign. Here’s a list of click-worthy CTAs:

Get started Register today Buy now Download now
Sign up Subscribe Join us Launch
Discover…. Claim your free… Continue Click here
Talk to us Let’s start Follow… Yes please
Register now Find out more Search Read more

Make it easy to share

Want to get people to market your landing pages on your behalf? Create a social landing page combining the influence of social media with the power of the landing page. Sharing widgets, short snappy text and pre-populated social copy will make it easy for your visitors to share at the click of a button.

Consistency is key across all social channels. Ensure that you’re not confusing potential leads with different offers, copy and visuals that don’t add up. Take the time to create an amazing first impression of your brands, this may be the first step to a great business relationship.

Keep your promises

If your audience expects a one-step sign up process don’t make them jump through hoops to get there. Gather the details you need to reward your visitors and make it easy for them to get the registration ticket, beautifully designed content asset or demo to your new amazing product.

Test, test and test some more! Driving visitors to your landing page is a great first step, but make sure you test run the audience’s journey through pressing the CTA buttons, filling in the forms and checking the assets arrive safely.

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