Social media and TV – not as united as first thought?

Last week I blogged about the convergence of social media and TV and this week news from SideReel shows the convergence isn’t as great as we first thought! SideReel, the largest independent TV destination on the web, has produced this infographic of the findings of the survey. Interestingly, SideReel found that only 10 percent of users want to broadcast what they are watching or want to watch to their friends. Twitter was the top social network for sharing though, with 29% of users using it. So, with such a high volume of people tweeting about Glee lately, it makes us wonder if any of these were surveyed by SideReel?

What do you think? Are social media and TV becoming more converged or do you agree with SideReel’s findings?

SideReel social media and TV infographic

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