Social media does April Fools

Out of a plethora of April Fools pranks yesterday, there were some innovative, stand out ideas that showcased some of our digital friends’ creative thinking at its best. Here are some of the best; with ideas ranging from the weird, wacky and downright genius.

With LinkedIn’s recently announced Product and Service tab retirement, you can’t help but wonder if it’s got anything to do with their recently identified gap in the market, ‘Cats You May Know’? What took them so long to work this one out…demand is going to be overwhelming.

Moving over to our good friends at Twitter. In what seems like a panic move, the Twitter crowd managed to clobber together any old joke…and it looked something like this.

With a sprinkling of more imagination Tech site Pocket-lint clearly gave some thought into the commercial appeal of Google Glass…enter the Google Glass Solo for the ‘debonair gentleman’.

“The new Glass monocle addresses a problem that Google is calling “the curious case of the covert overt”, where those openly wearing Glass are accused of trying to hide their subversive intent.

Glass Solo addresses the problem of social ostracism, as one can simply relax the eye and let Glass drop, secure in the knowledge that the lanyard will keep your wearable attached. 

It can then be tucked into your waistcoat pocket with lordly discretion.”

On a slightly different tangent, the Bathstore got involved with a new innovation in social media that, jokes aside, has probably unearthed a product that would sell in droves…introducing the Mirrorgram, the world’s first selfie mirror.

Social media expert Professor Insa Graham said: “For too long now a visit to the bathroom has meant a loss of connection with even the most influential of social media icons.

“Imagine the moments that have been missed because we daren’t take our smartphones into the shower – I bet Stephen Fry makes some hilarious faces when he’s having a shave.

“With Mirrorgram bathstore have finally found a solution to this problem and no longer will our followers be left wondering what we do behind the bathroom door.”

Meanwhile, the guys at Google delivered on a raft of features including the team on Google Chrome for Mobile announcing their plans to Emojify the web, which lets users auto-translate web pages, using emoticons instead of words.

The popular social network Google+ also announced a new Auto Awesome Photobomb feature where David Hasselhoff will start appearing up in users photos… We like.

Last but not least, Reddit introduce a revolutionary new way to browse…

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