Social media holidays to celebrate in August

As of today, we’re officially in the holiday season yay! For many, August brings a break from our working lives and allows more free time to spend with family and friends. On top of that, the school summer holidays are in full swing with loads of activities being sought to keep everyone happy. So, can we also take a break from posting on social this month?

Marketing is all about presence and consistency, keeping up with the trends, events, and big initiatives. With that in mind, you should still consider creating something new or simply repurposing old content for your social media channels. This will help you stay active on social and remain seen, ensuring that when someone does need your products and services, you’ll be easier to find.

It’s normal for things to get quieter this month. If you happen to find yourself with some extra time, now is a great time to do a bit of social media housekeeping. Make sure all information on your social media accounts is correct and up to date. It’s also a good period to start planning for the next few months ahead. Not only does it take any pressure off when it comes to filling in your monthly content but also frees up some of your time – have you got any big events or initiatives to celebrate between now and the rest of the year? Have you already started thinking about the upcoming big marketing campaigns like Halloween and Christmas? Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those are just a few months away…

Well, at least we’ve got you covered for this month – here is an engaging compilation of some of the UK’s official and unofficial holidays for your brand to mark to engage your digital community.

  • August 2. National Playday
  • August 3. Cycle to Work Day
  • August 4. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • August 4. International Beer Day
  • August 8. International Cat Day
  • August 9. National Book Lovers Day
  • August 10. National Lazy Day
  • August 12. International Youth Day
  • August 11. World Chocolate Day
  • August 13. International Lefthanders Day
  • August 19. World Photography Day
  • August 26. National Dog Day

You don’t need to do it all alone, contact us today and we’ll get everything sorted for you.

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