Social Media in 2012: The Top of the tops

As we’re nearing the end of 2012, it is vital to review the year behind us before we can start planning ahead. What have been the most significant trends, brands and developments in social media and content marketing? Here’s a few highlights from the best of the best – enjoy!


The 16 Most Important Social Media Updates of 2012

In 2012 online marketing has become more targeted across multiple platforms.

  • Mobile-Only Facebook Ads
  • Twitter: Targeting by Interest or Username
  • Targeted LinkedIn Updates

5 Big Brands Confirm That Content Marketing Is The Key To Your Consumer

The importance of content marketing has grown in 2012. Big brands confirm – discussion has shifted from “whether” to “how”.

  • Virgin: “scaling our content efforts … is about deepening the level of engagement we have with our fans in the social communities they hang out in.”
  • American Express: “extending our messaging through content is a great way for us to continue to convert our customers from simply seeing a message to considering our brand”
  • Marriott: “Content is critical for us because it’s the currency that drives our relevance and therefore consumer consideration for our brand.”

27 valuable posts on content marketing strategy

Econsultancy’s selection of best articles on content marketing in 2012:

  • Could content marketing replace the SEO department?
  • Five great examples of B2B content marketing
  • How to be sure content marketing produces sales

Meet The 30 Biggest Social Media Advertisers Of 2012 [Ranked]

An insightful review of top social media advertisers in 2012 ranked by impressions served. Top 3 are:

  • Kellog’s,
  • Comcast,
  • …and Dell.

Charities have doubled social media engagement in a year

And the industry of the year is… the charitable sector! In 2012 UK charities have doubled the number of followers on key social media channels. Well done!

What have been your highlights of 2012? Share in the comments below!

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