Social Media Law: 10 tweetable stats you should know!

#SMLawWho doesn’t love a retweet? It’s quick and simple and it can save you the hassle of creating an update. But it’s worthwhile taking the time to think through a retweet because sometimes they can get you into a sticky situation… Help raise awareness about the risks when it comes to social media and the law with these safe-to-share retweets. Fingers and thumbs at the ready, readers!

Tweet this stat!Over 68% have basic, beginner or no personal knowledge of social media law

Tweet this stat!3 out of 5 companies are not confident that sensitive or confidential information is protected on social media platforms

Tweet this stat!Only 4.2% of survey respondents from UK companies are very aware of consumer protection rights in social media

Tweet this stat!46% of companies are not aware of the intellectual property rights of user generated content

Tweet this stat!66% of social media professionals are not very aware of social platform ‘terms of use’

Tweet this stat!Just 26% are aware of competition, sweepstake and gaming laws

Tweet this stat!Only 6% are very aware of the Cap Code and ASA regulations on advertising and promotion

Tweet this stat!57% of companies consider using data gathered from social networks to be a social media legal risk

Tweet this stat!Just 22% of companies ensure that their policy covers out of working hours

Tweet this stat!Half of respondents consider competitions, endorsements and promotions to be a social media legal risk

Copyright, intellectual property, defamation and data protection are all part of the social media landscape these days. If you aren’t sure about your rights or the restrictions in place online, then this best practice guide may offer the insights that you need.

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