Social media marketing myths debunked

Social media marketing is an excellent tool that bridges the gap between businesses and consumers. When used strategically and a clear understanding has been met, great outcomes can be achieved. So there’s no doubt why we’ve seen so many companies flood to social channels over the past year. 

But, not everyone is a social media guru. There are lots of myths floating around that need to be addressed, to prevent marketers from wasting valuable time and money that could be spent elsewhere. Let’s jump right in.

You need to be on EVERY social channel

Many businesses and brands believe they should be on every social media channel, but we’re here to tell you that’s not always the case. Before you make the decision of jumping onto the platform because that’s the place to be, stop. Ask yourself; what kind of content do you find on this platform? What are the demographics using this platform and will your audience be on there? If your audience isn’t on there, then don’t waste your time. Focus on the places they actually are.

There are set times to post on each channel

A question we get asked a lot when are the best times to be posting on social? Now, you will see article after article offering advice on specific times, but just like the first myth, it is partially dependant on your audience. Use platform insights to discover when your audience is most active for starters. Learn more about how the algorithms work. And as simple as it seems, if your content is successful, it will appear in your audience’s feed. (If you’re wondering more on this topic, check out this blog)

Posting the same content on every channel is a great idea

Wrong. What may work on one channel, might not necessarily work on another. Although it saves time, every platform is different. From algorithms to audiences, you need to truly understand it all and use those understandings for your own benefit. (Hear more about this topic in CJ’s Serious Social)

We could go on and on debunking myths, but then we’d be giving away all of our secrets ( ). If you’re planning on venturing into the world of social media marketing or expanding your current efforts, do your research, be realistic with your expectations and think strategically about how these efforts will actually make an impact on your business. But, if you want to hear a little more from us, then drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

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